About us

Welcome to Blaze Plexus

Our API integration services help you integrate data with third party applications. We can also consume data from a wide range of third party sources. In addition to diverse domains such as shipping, payment, travel and social media, PennyWise has a lot of experience working with demand side platforms that integrate popular online advertising network APIs including Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

From dashboards that centralize data from multiple sources to leveraging third party applications, we provide you a wide range of API integration services. Our extensive experience with APIs across domains helps ensure the design and delivery of the most appropriate solutions that support your business needs.

  • Webservice Consumption / Creation.
  • Creating REST based APIs.
  • Payment gateway integration such as PayPal, DirectDebit, Authorize.net
  • Travel APIs such as Expedia and Amadeus.
  • SMS gateway Integration.
  • Shipping API integration services such as FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service.